On December 14th 2010 we will begin our “12 Days of Christmas” program.  We understand it can be hard to keep fitness and nutrition a priority around the holidays so we put together a little something to keep you going through all of the holiday indulging. 

Check out Abe and Paul’s Facebook Page “1592 Fitness” for the daily unveiling of activities.  If you can stick with all 12 days and record your results to the FB page, you will earn your Christmas gift. 

  1. Run 1 mile.  Let ‘em have it, go fast
  2. 100 presses (shoulder to OH)
  3. any time you put the bar down you do 3 burpees
  4. 21-15-9          sit up, push up, squat
  5. No sweets all day, watch a movie
  6. bar hang for time, Run .5 fast as possible, then bar hang for time
  7. 12 min AMRAP Broad jump 50’ (app bay), lunge back, 25 sit ups
  8. 3 rounds: 12 weighted back squats, 12 pull ups, 30 second plank hold
  9. Vegetable at every meal (breakfast lunch dinner)
  10. bench press expo.             – 15 reps 1st min, 1 rep 2nd min, 14 reps 3rd,  2 resps 4th…..
  11. 5 rounds: 5 dead lifts, 10 burpees
  12. 30 mins of cardio
  13. Either get to fat out or 100 burpees

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