With a new year comes an opportunity to start fresh, rejuvenate, or to improve ourselves.  This month is about developing or improving on the basic but impactful skill of jumping rope.  Jumping rope is an excellent way to expedite your cardio routine while improving dexterity, building fast twitch muscles, and most importantly testing your patience.  



With a clock continuously running for 10 minutes, jump rope for as long as possible without missing a jump.  If you mess up, or have to stop for any reasons, perform 7 dumb bell *Thrusters with appropriate weight (25-35 # dumb bells is ball park recommendation), then continue jumping rope until another break, then repeat thrusters.  Do this for ten minutes straight and try to keep track of jumps and sets of thrusters.


For beginners to jumping rope, practice the skill for ten minutes a day until you feel confident to complete the WO.


For advanced WO, do *double unders the whole time and use 40 -50 # dumb bells


*Thrusters:  Standing position with dumb bells held in hands at shoulder level, squat down as low as possible while maintaining proper for, then return to standing position while pushing dumb bells over head.  Return to original position and repeat for total of 7 reps.


*Double unders:  For every jump the rope passes through twice. 


As usual, this sounds easy but it is far from it.  Enjoy and let us know your scores!


For some video tips, check out our facebook page “1592 fitness”



Have Fun!

Paul and Abe 

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