February’s WO is all about team work.  Not only does team work boost morale and comradery, but it exposes the Engine or Truck Co’s individual strengths and weaknesses.  This WO will challenge each member physically and mentally, once again developing clear thinking while under physical stress/fatigue.  Make a simple communication plan (for counting reps) before you start, this will save you from extra work, frustration, and keep you moving smoothly. 


WO: With a continuously running 15 minute clock, complete as many rounds as possible of the following tasks with all members of your company.  Complete all reps of each exercise before moving on to the next exercise:


100 squats

 100 sit ups

100 push ups

80’ bear crawl


*4 person Truck Co complete 133 reps of each, Light Force complete 166 reps of each, or break into smaller teams and figure out the math.


You can take turns doing each exercise or work together at the same time, but you have to keep track of your reps, and all reps must be completed before moving on to the next exercise (everyone must finish bear crawl before starting squats again). 


Your score is the total number of rounds plus any extra reps completed at 15 minutes.


Ex:  Abe’s Co completed 2 rounds plus 78 push ups with a 3 person Eng Co.


Enjoy, and check out FB page “1592 Fitness” for video instruction.

Paul and Abe

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