Cheer leaders


Bench Press 7-7-7-7-7  Video

Back Squats 7-7-7-7-7  Video

* Find your 7 rep max within 5 sets

Matt R : Bench: 165lbs         Squat: 115lbs

Austin M: Bench 165lbs       Squat: 115lbs

Austin K: Bench 195lbs        Squat: 135lbs

Mike C: Bench 205lbs           Squat: 185lbs

Paul D: Bench 105lbs             Squat: 135lbs

Team Building Workout:

As a team complete the following:

200 Medicine Ball Cleans

200 Pushups

200 Wall Balls

*Ideally with a team of 5, each member does 40 reps.

Time: 6:44

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