1.  Tabata med ball cleans:

8Xs:   20 seconds on/10 seconds off (which equals a total of 4 minutes).

Score was the lowest rep count of any of the 8 rounds.

Collins: 7

Doerr: 6

Kimbrell: 6

Merrit: 5

Raby: 4

2.  Then 3X7 front squats at 95#, 105#, 115#.

3.  Then 500M row.

Collins: 1:39/7                                                    

Doerr:  1:41/6

Kimbrell: 1:33/6

Merrit: 1:43/5

Raby: 1:40/5

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  1. Juicy Double says:

    I didn’t fully understand what we were supposed to do: but…I did the med ball cleans with a low rep of 5, then I did 7 front squats 3 times using 45, 60, and 70 pounds, and then I did the 500 M row. Total time to complete everything was 9:37 and I had my heart rate at 180 BPM.

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