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The Modified “Filthy 50”

Perform 50 reps of each exercise:

*there is a 30 min limit on this workout*

Deadlift  135lbs


Double Unders

Push Press 35 lbs Dumbbells

Hang Power Cleans  35lbs Dumbbells


Wall Ball 26lbs

Full Squat Clean and Jerk  35lbs Dumbells


Austin K:  27:22 (sub 30lbs Dumbbells for others)

Austin M:  28:59 (sub 90 lb Dead, 45 lb bar for others)

Matt R:  29:59 (sub 100lbs Dead, 45lb bar for others)

Mike C: 26:52 Rx’d

Paul D: 27:28 (sub 115 Dead, 45 lb bar for others)

Abe:  27:13 Rx’d

Irwin: 30 min cap (made it to 35 reps w/ 45lbs bar on squat cleans)

*This was an extreemly tough workout both mentally and physically.  Sticking with the task at hand and seeing the finish line was even more important with each rep.  Great job today Academy 11-1  !

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