Having the basic equipment needed for High Intensity, functional workouts is the easy part.  Finding the motivation to push yourself to the limits and test your bodies capabilities is the hard part.

Workout: “5′s at 6′s”

*5 min of each exercise without rest in-between

*Total reps or distance listed after each event is combined w/ all 5 cadets.

Treadmill run:  3.18 miles   New: 3.52 miles

Rowing: 5378 meters            New: 6232 meters

Bike Riding: unk

Hose pack hike: 9 hills          New: 10.75

AMRAP 5 pull ups, 10 pushups, 15 squats: 105 pullups, 210 pushups, 315 squats

   New:  150 pullups, 290 Push ups, 405 squats

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