If you look at today’s picture you will understand why I posted yesterday’s picture.  Beside being a perfectly hilarious/painful picture to enjoy, yesterday’s was a picture of the, “old” Zach, and today’s pic is of the, “New and Improved” Zach.  Our little turtle friend has been working his ass off and has had an inspirational amount of weight lost and gone forever.  We are proud of you Zach, keep up the good work.


On that note- raise your hand if you think wall balls are fun… Me too!  Lets do 150 of them for time!


Take a 20# ball (or whatever you have), do a squat (butt below your knees, with good form of course) holding the ball at your chest and then upon explosively standing from your squat, throw the ball to a 10′ target on the wall.  Catch ball and repeat 149 times.  Time yourself.  Enjoy.

Check this vid for inspiration/instruction:


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  1. 1592fitness says:

    Paul Mc
    150 wall balls for time with a 25# ball

  2. Juicy Double says:

    I finally got around to doing this WO today. 9 minutes with the 20 Lb. ball.

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