Take note:

1. The depth of her squat results in the crease of her hip below her knees

2.  Her knees are angled out and directly over her feet (not tracking in, which is a common mistake, which can lead to medial and/or cruciate ligament damage of the knee).

3.  The bar is not on the top of her traps near her neck but lower down her back.  this is called a low-bar back squat.  If her hands were a little closer together on the bar she would create a “shelf” out of her mid Traps which the bar can rest on, which takes pressure off of your wrist and shoulders.  Try it out and see if you prefer a high-bar back squat (bar on top of traps at bottom of neck) or the low-bar squat, with this smack down of sevens:

For time:

7 rounds

7 body weight back squats (stand on scale, ascertain your weight, make bar weigh that much, do back squat with bar that weighs as much as you. )

7 burpees (jump down and do a push up, jump up and clap your hands above your head whilst your feet are still in the air.  repeat.)

*If you can’t do your body weight then pick a weight that is suitable.

Enjoy and post your times to comments

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  1. 1592fitness says:

    Paul Mc:
    225 # back squat (low-bar is my preference)


    I think this is supposed to be a short one but squats felt heavier than I anticipated.

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