At the begining of each minute do 3 power cleans.  Do this for 10 minutes.

*Power clean:  begin with bar on the ground and end with it on your shoulders.  A “power clean” means you do not need to do a full squat to receive the bar, only a partial squat if you feel the need (see pic).

*This is an EXPLOSIVE movement.  BUT, the explosion should not occur until the bar has reached mid thigh (aka “the pocket”), which is the forth bald man naked man in the pic above.  SO the movement is SLOW and CONTROLLED until mid thigh, then you jump or explode up (and maybe a little backward) to send the bar to your shoulders.  The power should not come from your arms yanking the bar up, but from your hips, because your hips can generate more power then your arms.

Start the first few sets with light weight to make sure your form is good.

Before you lift the bar off the ground, your back and abs should be rigid to protect your back.

Here is a vid for more instruction:

post loads to comments.  Enjoy your Sunday.

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  1. 1592fitness says:

    Paul Mc
    155# X 3
    165# X 2
    175# X 2
    185# X 3
    10 minutes

    On my last set I went 15 seconds over the minute. She got a little heavy there at the end.

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