For time
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 KB Clean & Press (each arm does all reps)
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Feet Elevated Ring Row

If you don’t have a kettlebell, use a dumbbell.

If you don’t have rings, use anything you can hold onto, like ropes hanging from a rack or an olympic bar resting on the rack; use your imagination.

Here is a video of Zach Ford demonstrating the kettlebell clean and press.  Lookin good Zach, the weight really seems to be peeling off, you seem taller too!

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  1. Juicy Double says:

    My Tan seems to be coming along also, must be all that swimming. Follow this link for a description of the ring row.

    Click to access 58_07_Ring_Row.pdf

  2. Juicy Double says:

    ford-16.45 35 lb kettle bell

    Irwin-12.36 35 lb kettle bell

    Carey- 15.03 53 lb kettle bell

    Then we added a 1000 meter row:

    Ford: 3.52

    Irwin: 3.49, 3.29, 3.28 (carey and irwin were having a competition)

    Carey: 3.38, 3.27

  3. Juicy Double says:

    eventually Irwin beat Carey in the 1000 meter row-2.24 for 1000 meters

  4. 1592fitness says:

    Wow, those are fast row times. I’m goin rowin with you, Zach, those other guys are in such a rush to get done.

  5. Juicy Double says:

    slow and steady wins the race!

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