With any crew member at your station, challenge them to a pullup/ pushup to failure workout.  Loser does below treadmill workout.


Complete the below rounds until someone fails:

3 strict pull ups

3 hands off ground pushups

** One person starts with their round and then rests only the amount of time it takes other to complete their 3 pullups and 3 pushups, etc, etc…

** Whoever can’t complete a full round without falling off the bar or getting their chin over the bar… Loses and performs punishment workout below.

Consequence Treadmill:

With the incline set at 15 and the MPH at 7.5, complete a cumulative time of 5 min.  of treadmill running.  When you step off the treadmill because you can’t run anymore, time stops and starts where you left off when you get back on running.


Good Luck!!

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