* Don’t pull a “Bohatch” and start on smaller boxes before attempting the bigger ones.


Row 500 meters
20 inch Box jump, 50 reps
Push-ups, 50 reps
Sit-ups, 50 reps
Jumping pull-ups, 50 reps
50 Back extension, 50 reps
Dips, 50 reps
1.5 pood Turkish Get-up, 20 reps, alternating arms

WOD Demo video [wmv] [mov]

Station 6-A: 37 min and some change

2 responses »

  1. 1592fitness says:

    Paul Mc:

    subbed 50 squats for 500 row (not equal but is what it is)
    subbed 50 good mornings with resistance band for back extensions
    subbed ring dips for dips

    all else Rx


  2. Juicy Double says:

    Ford-38.42 with a 10 pound dumbbell for the turkish getup.

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