2 min Plank Hold


400m Farmers Walk

*Use dumbbells for the Farmers Walk and pick a weight that is challenging

*Count the # of times you break the plank hold and drop the DB during the farmers walk


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  1. 1592fitness says:

    Paul Mc: plank unbroken
    Farmers carry w/ foam buckets (approx 44# each)
    6:57; 7 rests

    Austin M: plank unbroken
    45# plates
    7:03; 8 rests

  2. Juicy Double says:

    Ford and killmer 6 minutes as RX’d-we didn’t set anything down because…well we are just awesome!

    Then we did an additional 3 rounds staring with a 2 minute plank followed by 150 meters of farmers walk.

    Total workout time 22 minutes.

  3. 1592fitness says:


    Redemption (sort of)…

    Paul Mc: 45# dbs, 6:26 w/ 2 rests (down from 7)

    Jon Kubas: 45# dbs, 5:06 w/ 1 rest @200 meters. No warm up, no complaining, no sweat. Dude is a stud, don’t mess with the Kuuuubas!

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