For Time:

50 sit ups

100 yard farmer carry

1 minute plank hold

100 yard farmer carry

20 knees to elbows

100 yard farmer carry

30 second side plank hold (each side)

100 yard farmer carry

10 hollow rocks

100 yard farmer carry




*Paul Mc:

55# DB’s

50 yard hill (up/back)


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  1. Juicy Double says:

    Ford-10:46 using 65 lb dumbbells. I also only did 2/3 of each farmers walk because I screwed up my measurements. However, since I thought the first round was too easy I repeated the entire exercise a second time and did it in 14 something. Total time for both rounds for 22 something.

  2. Juicy Double says:

    Ford and Killmer: 13:05- we did the knees to elbows using the hanging ab straps. 60 lb dumbbells.

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