This is a great crew workout centered around sprints

-5 rounds with 3 exercises.

  • 10 box jumps-24 inches (or whatever you are comfortable with)
  • 15 dumbbell thrusters (scaled to a weight that allows you complete the set without having to stop)
  • 500 meter row

Record your time for each round and compete with your crew. If the crew of 3 does it each person gets approx. 6 minutes between each round to recover.  You will need the recovery time!


Welcome back Abe!

Ford:                                  Abe:                          Tilton:

Round#1-3:33                    2:45                            3:10

#2-3:40                                 2:50                           3:13

#3-3:48                                 2:45                            3:16

#4-3:36                                 2:47                           3:16

#5-3:39                                 2:44                            2:58

total workout time: 48 minutes

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