Start from #1 and repeat like the song. In fact sing along yourself as you do it!

1-200 m row or run

2-SDHP (75 lbs)

3-Front Squats (75 lbs)

4-Box Jumps (24″)

5- pull ups


7-Back Extensions

8-Push Ups

9-KB swings (35 lb)

10-Push Press (75 lbs)



5 responses »

  1. Juicy Double says:

    We used 75 lbs on the bar and 70 lbs kettle bell for SDHP

  2. 1592fitness says:

    Paul Mc:
    I used 60# for KB swings, cause its the biggest we got, everything else Rx

  3. 1592fitness says:

    Ford you changed all the Rx weights! I did 95# for all the barbell stuff

  4. Juicy Double says:

    we had to scale to match everyone’s needs.

  5. Juicy Double says:

    you are just that bad ass!

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