Taken and adjusted from CF Centurion 2/23/12

For TIme:

50 sit ups


Swings (kettlebell or dumbbell)

1m Rest



50 Sit ups


*We all have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to different exercises.  Burpees are unique because they are a weakness for just about everyone…. Except Thanh.  He loves burpees almost as much as he loves bacon, in fact there is a good chance he is either making/eating bacon right now or doing burpees.  It’s good when we find things we are good at because it can build confidence — I’ll stick to the bacon.

*Thanh wants to either do burpees for a ridiculous distance or to do an obscene number (reps) of burpees.  If anyone wants to join his psychotic crusade please respond and we can put together a forum/venue/area for said torture event.  I’ll be there to support… NOT doing burpees, but likely eating bacon.




Thanh:  36# KB  12:35

Red: 25# KB 14:21

Paul: 44# KB 14:33

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  1. Abe says:

    Id be in for so burpee belligerence!!

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