From CF Centurion 3/3/12

Team WOD – 3 Person Teams – 3 Rounds

400m Run with 20 LB Med Ball
15 MedBall Cleans (20#)
30 Push Ups
45 Double Unders (or 180 singles)

The team will run together with the MB and each person has to carry it part of the run. Once inside, one person will do MB Cleans, the other will do Push Ups, the other will do double unders. No teammate can move onto the next movement until the rest are all done with their allotted reps! So faster teammates may get a few seconds of rest. Only once all three have rotated and finished all 3 movements, will they go out for the next team run. When they come in, a new person should start off in the MB cleans, Push Ups, and D/U’s. They again rotate through all 3 positions and then run one last time all together. Once inside again, they again should start a new person on each station and rotate through each one before calling “time”.

Each teammate will do 1200m of run, 45 MB cleans, 90 Push Ups, and 135 Double Unders by the end of the WOD.




E5 B  21:50

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  1. Paul Doerr says:

    14.08 but using the 35lb kettle bell

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