You know what its like, you go out for one drink with some friends and one guy convinces everyone to have, “just one more”, and before you know it you’ve time traveled through some nebulous circus of one man trying to out man the other, only to end up much like you entered the word, unable to get off of the floor, trying to make sense of your surroundings.

This workout is a lot like that and is the result of 3 former Chico State alums working together.  Enjoy.

-For Time:

Complete 100 reps of 1 of the following exercises (your choice)

95# over head squat

53# kettle bell swing

135# dead lift

every minute on the minute do 3 burpees.

-Once the oxygen has returned to your brain and skeletal muscles row 1000 meters for time.

-Once the burning in your biceps and quads have begun to subside do 100 double unders (or 300 single jumps) for time

-Once your ability to recognize the people around you returns do 20 plyo push ups.  (watch from 1:03-1:09)

-Last call:  Upside down kettlebell push up, as many reps as possible.



McKernan: 95# overhead squat 5:38; 1000 m row 3:29; 100 double unders 1:58; 20 straight plyo push ups; 5 upside down kb push ups.

Akeson: 53# kettlbell swing 6:35; 1000 m row 3:41; 300 singles 2:24.

McGuire: 135# dead lift 6:40; 1000 m row 3:44; 100 double unders 1:13, plyo push ups 10, 6, 4; upside down kettlebell push ups 1.

* I think I would have preferred the pub crawl.


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