*EMOTM = Every Minute On The Minute

Warmup: Max double unders in 2 min.  (Ford=2, Neitling=129, Tilton=30)


*EMOTM perform the following 2 exercises in the round starting with 1 rep of each on the first minute, then 2 reps of each on the second minute, then 3 reps of each on the 3rd… etc, until you can no longer perform all reps within the minute.

* Rest 1 minute between rounds

Round 1:

135lbs Deadlift

24″ Box Jump

Round 2:


Wall Ball

Round 3:

Kettle Bell Swing


*Scores as round1-2-3:

Ford: 9+8, 6+1 (scaled), 8+5  ’95lb deadlift- 44lb KB’

Neitling: 12+3, 10+4, 9+8 (70lb KB)

Tilton: 11+7, 8+0, 9+4  ’95lb deadlift – 44lb KB’


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