* This is a great team building challenge  between crews to see “Who” is the fittest of them all.


Within 20 minutes complete each exercise in the following order as a team of 3.  Only 1 person can be working at a time and a team member can not skip their turn:

5 minutes Hand Release Pushups – Record Total

5 minutes Ball Cleans- Record Total

5 minutes Box Jumps 20″ side – Record Total

5 minutes Burpees – Record Total

** In a team of 3, one person completes 3 reps while the others wait.  Then the next person does their 3 reps.  Then the last person completes their 3 reps.  All members must complete their turn before any other member can proceed.

** There is no rest between exercises so a fast transition is recommended.

** Warning!!  The least fit person will have the best workout 🙂

Sta. 4 – A       (Ford, Neitling, Tilton)

Pushups: 182

Ball Cleans: 120

Box Jumps: 152

Burpees: 93

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  1. 1592fitness says:

    E5B Red, Paul, Thanh
    Push ups: 232
    Ball Cleans:97
    Box Jumps:162

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