For time:

21, 15, 9

95# thrusters

pull ups



This is a quick sprint of a workout, so make sure your warm up is long.  The general rule is, the shorter the workout the longer the warm up and if you do a long workout you probably don’t need as long a warm up.  However, nothing replaces common sense and listening to your body.






Red: 45# thruster 5:02 (first time doing it)

Thanh: 95# thruster 5:12 (first time doing it)

Paul Mc: 95# thruster 4:48

2 responses »

  1. Trent says:

    4:48? C’mon Pauline- what’d you do? Stop and make a sandwich?

  2. 1592fitness says:

    I would never eat during a workout, Trent, that would be rediculous. I did, however, have to break once to relight my cigarette, but that only takes me a second or two.

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