In teams of 3 complete the following workouts with burpees at the end and 1 min rest in-between.  See below for details:

1. One mile run

*1 min rest

2. Complete 21-15-9

Hang Squat Cleans

Push press

* 1 min rest

3. Complete 5 rounds

10 push ups

20 squats

* 1 Min rest

4. Complete 9-15-21

kettle Bell Swing

24″ Box Jump

*1 min rest

5.  Complete 3 rounds

30 lunges (15 each leg)

50 sit ups

* All 3 team members start each workout at the same time together.

** The only individual score to track is the burpees you can do at the end of each workout

*** If you are the first person done, then you complete as many burpees as possible until the last person in the group is done with the individual workout.  Then you all take a 1 min. rest together.

****  For example: Each individual workout will have 1 person who finish 1st and they do burpees until the last person in the group finishes.  The 1st person might get a score of 8 for that workout, the last person to finish will get a score of 0 since they didn’t do any burpees.  If you are last every time, your total overall score will be 0.  Bummer 😦

***** Your team score is your total burpees and total time it took to complete the entire workout.

Station 4-A

Total Time 45:10

Total Burpees: 77

Minnich: used 30lbs for Squat clean and push press and a 44lb Kettle Bell

* 2- 1/2 burpees

Neitling: used 35lbs for Squat Cleans and push press and 70lb kettle Bell

* 52 Burpees

Tilton: used 30lbs for Squat Cleans and Push press and 30lb kettle Bell

* 25 Burpees

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