Taken from CF football 5/26/12


Complete 6 rounds:

You have 1 minute to complete the following:

5 KB Swings – 2 pood
40 yard Suicide Run

*rest 60 seconds between rounds
*if you do not make the 1 minute mark count a penalty. Each penalty is worth 20 burpees. 







*The first 3 rounds we all finished 56-58 seconds, the 4/5 round we all were just over a minute, the 6th Thanh made it and Red and Paul did not (by a few seconds)

Thanh: 54# db, 40 burpees 3:20 (but did 60 cause he’s a team player and cause he’s nuts)

Paul: 74# db, 60 burpees 7:10

Red: 51# kb, 60 burpees 7:58 

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