For time:

Start at the goal line of a football field (100 yard field)

20 sit ups

Run 100 yds to the other goal line

10 1 arm dumbbell snatches (alternating arms, 5 each arm)

Run 90 yds

20 sit ups

Run back to goal line

10 snatches

Run 80 yds

20 sit ups

Run back to goal line

10 snatches…

Continue this until you have made it all the way back to the goal line in 10 yd increments (finishing with the snatches).  At this time you will have completed 200 sit ups, run 550 yards, and 100 one arm snatches and you will be done… then once you’re nice and rested do 30 burpees, just cause Thanh said so.




Thanh: 22# db 18:46

Red: 22# db 19:57

Paul: 44# db 20:05

-No burpees were included in these times

*I apologize if you have been posting your results/comments and they have not been showing up on our website.  We are working on that now(ish).

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