In a team of 2 complete the following in any order you choose.  Only one person can be working at a time.  Split the work anyway you want.  It is suggested that one person goes to failure and then the other person jumps in a takes over.  Then back and forth until you reach 100 reps or distance.

Run 1/2 mile together

100 Sledge hammer Swings

100 Push ups

100 Ring Rows

100 Burpee

OH Walking Lunge400′ w/ 45lbs plate

100 Squats.  Place a 10″ high target for your butt to hit each time (this should be deep)

100 Box Jumps

100 KB Swing w/ 45lbs

100 Push Press w/ 75lbs


Ford and Neitling: 49 min 07 sec (had to go wake a dude up sleeping in his car at minute 24)


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