taken from cf.com 7/2/12

There are many ways to attack a work out like this.  I chose to break it all up into 10 rounds thinking it would be quicker and easier because each round had a small amount of reps for each movement (7 burpees, 6 sit ups, 5 KBs, 4 pull ups, 3 HSPU).  Thanh choose to complete each task before moving to the next task.  See how it pans out with your crew, I was completely wrong (as usual) in my estimations.

For time:

70 burpees
60 sit ups
50 KB swings
40 pull ups
30 Hand stand push ups









Paul: 10 sets, GHD sit ups, 53# KB  27:40
Thanh: completed each task before moving to next, regular sit ups, 36# KB  20:30

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