Row 500 meters as fast as possible

*Perform 5 burpee’s for every second over 1:30sec (scale as needed)

Rest as needed

Complete 30 Pull ups

*Every time you get off the bar, perform 5 Thrusters w/ 95lbs

Rest as needed

Beat your 2 min Max Double Under score or else you complete the below WOD!!

*21-15-9  Body Weight Deadlift and Wall Balls w/ 20lbs

Sta. 4-A

Minnich: 1:38.4 Row, 20 Thrusters, Beat Max Double unders

Neitling: 1:30.5 row, 10 Thrusters, Had to do last workout

Tilton: 1:40 Row, 20 Thrusters, Beat Max DU’s

** Minnich and Tilton did the last WOD because they felt bad for Neitling not performing as well 🙂

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