Today Zack Ford wanted to revisit a Fitness Assessment we did roughly 4 months ago.  He wanted to see if his new diet had any effect on his performance now that he is a VEGAN.  As many of you know Ford has become a Vegan.  Being Vegan means you do not eat any food that comes from or contains animal products.  Many have asked him “Where do you get your protein?”   Since many of our plant-based foods also have some or a lot of protein content, this task is quit simple if you keep a well-rounded diet. 

Many have also told Ford that he won’t have enough energy to be effective of the Fire Ground with his new diet.  Well, lets let the numbers and facts below speak for themselves about Ford’s new diet.  As you will see, his results debunk any myths that a Vegan diet can not support becoming Fitter, Faster and Stronger. Strong work Zack!! 

We did each one in this order with rest as needed:  Zack’s scores are in RED

1. Double Unders – Max # in 2 minutes  Old #3  New #6

2. Front Squats – 3 rep Max  Old score 95lbs, New 145lbs (Wow!)

3. Proper Squat depth against a wall (stop once form falters)  Old score 76″ @6″ away, New 68″ @6″ away

4. Max Push ups  Old score: 20 New: 25

5. 500 Meter Row  Old score: 148.4 New: 148.4

6. Max Pull ups  Old score: 1 New: 2

7. Dead Lift – 1 rep Max   Old Score: 235lbs New: 245lbs (much better form too)

8. Over Head Squat – Max reps w/ 45lbs   Old: 15 New: 11

9. Met Con workout:  21-15-9    Burpees and Wall ball (20lbs at 10′)  Old time: 12:57  New: 9:32

In almost every assessment workout there was a good amount of improvement.  Now we just need Zack to work on his ability to “calmly” fish keys out of a car 🙂 


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