Each exercise will be done for 4 minutes before moving to the next exercise.  Within the 4 minutes you will work for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds, which equals 8 rounds per exercise within the 4 minute period.  After 4 minutes you move to the next exercise.  There are 4 different exercises to complete which makes the whole workout 16 minutes.


Here is a vid showing tabata squats


…And here they are, after crushing today’s workout.  Great job today 12-1.

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  1. Kirby says:


  2. Hartman says:

    Lowest counts

    Pull ups – 8
    Push ups – 10
    Squats – 12
    Sit ups – 10

    Tabata always makes me puke, haha.

  3. Suarez says:

    Squat: 18
    Sit-Ups: 8
    Pull-Ups: 4
    Push-Ups: 5

  4. Kornweibel says:

    Push-Ups: 2
    Pull-Ups: 1
    Squats: 11
    Sit-Ups: 8

  5. Chris Anaya says:

    Push ups: 5
    Squats: 13
    Sit ups: 10
    Pull ups: 3

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