The mile and a half run has been an academy standard for many years, so we couldn’t leave it out- we just added some more parts to it.

1.  1.5 mile run

2. 10 rounds with 1:30 rest between rounds

50 yard sprint

7 burpees

8 responses »

  1. ffmcollins says:

    where are the times?

  2. 1592fitness says:

    No times posted yet

  3. Kirby says:

    10:25, goal for the end of the academy under 09:30

  4. Hartman says:

    10:30 on the run.

    Sub 10 is the new goal.

  5. Suarez says:

    11:33 goal for next time is to break 11 mins

  6. Kornweibel says:

    10:31 mile & a half…shoot for under 10 next time.

  7. Ayako says:

    12:40-goal is 11:30
    50-yd sprints with 7 burpees after each sprint (x10)

  8. Chris Anaya says:


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