Today the academy 12-1 did a workout with a lot of burpees and a little bit of rowing.  They all worked extremely hard and gave everything they had after a good restful weekend!



Part 1: Find your 1minute max amount of burpees you can complete individually.

Part 2: 3 Cadets row 500 meters.  When they start, the rest of the academy tries to complete their max 1 min burpee score before the rowers are done with the 500 meters.

*Example: If you can perform 20 burpees in one minute, then you need to complete that same number each time a new rowing group steps up to row.

* Whichever group loses owes 20 hands-off pushups

* We did 4 rounds of this competitive workout.

* Post your total number of burpees completed for the day

13 responses »

  1. Kelly Zook says:

    18 Burpees/min 3 full rounds with 2 rounds of 13 (including eval round)= 80 burpees
    300m row in 1:05

  2. Kevin Shepard says:

    111 burpees total

  3. Korn says:

    Korn: Total Burpees 22-22-22-17-17= 100

  4. Suarez says:

    Burpees/minute: 24

    Total burpees: 92

  5. Kyle Jones says:

    Total Burpees 24-24-19-19= 86

  6. Gabe Michael says:

    26-26-21-21 = 94

  7. James Vincent says:

    1 min burpees: 18
    300 m row
    Total burpees: 80

  8. Hartman says:

    Max burpee in 1 minute-28

    Total burpees completes-102

  9. kirby says:

    1 min burpees 23
    92 Total plus a 500 meter row

  10. Rocky Fasani says:

    burpees/min: 27

  11. Brian Hoffer says:

    Burpess / Min: 27
    500M Row

  12. Ayako says:

    total burpees: 90
    500m row

  13. Chris Anaya says:

    Burpees/ min: 26
    Total burpees: 110

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