7 rounds:

As fast as possible, pull 100′ of 5″ hose 150′ then turn and pull the remainder of the hose so both couplings pass the 150′ line.

Rest approximately 1:45 between rounds








































*12-1 post results to comments

4 responses »

  1. Kornweibel says:

    Think I only won my round once. Kicked my butt. Really fun.

  2. kirby says:

    Team 1! Engineer Tucker, Hoffer, Bradford, Kirby. way to go team! High intensity without much rest, good workout.

  3. James Vincent says:

    I won 3 times, with an overall team win, Miyata, Jones and Fasani. Great workout!

  4. Ayako says:

    Congrats to Vincent for finding his event!! You rocked it!! Great job today!

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