Anaya and Zook leading the Wheel Barrow Race

Consequence days in the Academy can be some of the worst days of PT for the cadets.  Some enjoy them since they are able to avoid all consequences  associated with the workout.  However, some cadets get one of the worst workouts they have had yet.  Eric Suarez had one of those days.  He had to do every consequence thrown at him.  But the effort and determination he put out today is something to be very proud of for the rest of the academy.  He never his physical fatigue get him down mentally and never quit.  He just kept moving and that’s what it’s all about.  Eric is going to be a great asset to our department and I look forward to working with him soon.


Perform at least 10 Double Unders without stopping

1.5 mile run

Wheel Barrow Races.  100 yard wheel barrow race with partner

50 yard sprints.  ( First 2 to finish each round are exempt from following rounds)

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  1. Kornweibel says:

    1.5 Mile Run: 10:04
    3 total double-unders in three tries…made Kirby do the 100 yard wheelbarrow race
    5 – 50 yard sprints with 5 burpees

  2. Rocky Fasani says:

    1.5 Mile Run: 9:40

  3. Hartman says:

    1.5 Mile: 9:42

  4. Gabe Michael says:

    1.5 mile 10:30

  5. kirby says:

    1.5 mile run 9.45
    100 yard wheel barrow
    7 50yd sprint with 5 burpees at end

  6. Ayako says:

    1.5 mile 12:02
    No double-under consequence for Fasani and I 🙂
    5 50-yd sprints with 5 burpees

  7. Kyle Jones says:

    1.5 mile: 10:17

  8. Suarez says:


  9. J Vincent says:

    1.5 mile run 12:17
    Down from 13:11 last time, total 56 second improvement.

  10. Kevin Shepard says:

    1.5 mile run 10:47

  11. Kelly Zook says:

    1.5 miles 13:17 slowest of the group but 45 sec improvement for me. Keep on pushing!

  12. Brian Hoffer says:

    1.5 Mile 11:09 (4 second improvement) Ran a 1/4 mile sprint consequence
    100 yard wheel barrow consequence with Gabe
    Won first round of sprints with Rocky

  13. Bradford says:

    1.5 mile run 12:00. Wheel barrow with Suarez. Sorry buddy.

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