1st off, some more double under work










Then it was off to the races…

2 cadets at a time raced against the clock on the rowers in a 100 meter and 200 meter sprint

Times for the 100m/200m:

Anaya :16/:34

Bradford :18/:37

Fasani  :16/:31

Hartman  :17/:34

Hoffer  :16/:32

Jones  :18/:33

Kirby  :19/:35

Kornweibel  :20/:37

Michael  :19/:34

Miyata  :20/:39

Shepard  :17/:33

Suarez  :20/:40

Vincent  :18/:36

Zook  :20/:35

*12-1 Remember to stay on the boat.  I have logged your times today but remember to log your own times in the future.  If you do not comply with this order you will be reprimanded in an intense and inexplicable Abe-type fashion.  Have a nice weekend, great job today.  

2 responses »

  1. DePaoli, Dustin says:

    I would lie to row but the row machine was stolen from station 3!!!

  2. Chris Anaya says:

    I’d like another crack at this one.

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