* Kirby and Kornwiebel Working Together

A big part of our job is relying on each others, knowledge, determination, focus and hard work.  When we work together we are able to accomplish much more than we could on our own.  A good way to train together is to workout together and have the same goal in mind.  Today we did a team workout to build on this concept.


In a team of 2 complete the following:

100 Double Unders

4- 5″ hose pull distances (only 1 person working at a time)

Barbell Farmers Carry 200′

Bear Crawl 200′

100 Pull ups

Run and touch all hydrants at FTC

100 Kettle Bell Swings

100 Box Jumps

100 Pushups

Tower Suicides (Run to 1st floor to ground, 2nd floor to ground, …. all the way to 6th)

* Two people can work at the same time except during the 5″ hose pull

** Post total team time to comments

9 responses »

  1. Suarez says:

    Team short ‘n’ stalky with no legs (Suarez/Bradford): 33:16

  2. Kevin Shepard says:

    23:26 for Jones and I

  3. Kornweibel says:

    Team “Tall & Lanky” (Korn & Kirby) 28:41
    (Korn with 40 or so pull-ups with the low strength assist band, the rest un-assisted.)

  4. Brian Hoffer says:

    Team: Hoffer & Michael 24:36

  5. Hartman says:


  6. Hartman says:


  7. Ayako says:

    Fasani and Miyata: 27:01

  8. Kelly Zook says:

    Anaya and I 28:28

  9. J Vincent says:


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