* Team Adversity: Suarez, Hartman and Jones. 

These 3 did a great job not worrying about the outcome of the workout and just putting in 100% even though their instructor kept telling them the wrong strategy to get the most points.  Strong work guys!


In a team of 3 or 4 choose one person to hold a handstand against a wall.  As long as he is holding a handstand, the rest of the team can work as hard as possible racking up as many reps as they can within 45 seconds of the following exercises:


Push Press

Ab Mat sit-ups

* Switch places after 45 sec with very little rest and start 45 seconds again.

** Perform 5 rounds, 4 rounds, 3 rounds, 2 rounds, 1 round (Rest approx. 2 min between rounds)

*** Utilize your teams strengths as best as you can to accumulate the most reps

**** If handstand person falls off wall, the whole team stops working and waits until they can get back up

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  1. Ayako says:

    Great job, team 5! 🙂

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