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At the FTC, complete the follow series of tasks for time while wearing Full Turnouts, Structure gloves and a SCBA pack (not on air).  Originally, the academy wore shorts, shoes, helmet and utility gloves.  So with the added weight and restriction, it was very impressive to see almost everyone improve their times or stay the same.  Great job!

1. Drag 100′ section of 5″ hose 150′ then turn and pull the remainder of the hose to get both couplings across the 150′ marker

2. Throw 24′ ladder to 2nd window on A side stairwell, climb ladder into stairwell

3. Pick up 2 foam buckets once you have climbed through window and walk up to 5th floor with foam buckets

4. Leave foam buckets in stairwell, go to window and hoist hose up from ground to 5th floor and back down

5. Carry foam buckets back to 2/3 stair landing and continue out to A/D corner of yard

6. 50 sledge hammer strikes

7. Dummy drag 20 yards

8. Take off SCBA and change out bottle; when you turn your pack on the time stops

* Post original time and new time to comments

14 responses »

  1. Kelly Zook says:

    8:03 missed my last time by 3 seconds

  2. Suarez says:


  3. Kevin Shepard says:

    Went twice today, best time was 07:53

  4. Chris Anaya says:

    Old time: 7:47
    New time; 7:04

    I’m surprised our times got better with the added: ladder throw, climb, and turnouts. Nice work 12-1!! Lets do it again!!

  5. Brian Hoffer says:

    First Gauntlet W/O Turnouts: 10/12/12 : 7:18
    Went Twice Today: 1st – 8:42 2nd 6:17

  6. Korn says:

    First time w/out turnouts and SCBA: 7:40

    Today: 7:30

  7. Hartman says:

    Original time-6:14

    New time-6:09

  8. Kyle Jones says:

    Original Time: 7:30
    Todays Time: 7:08

  9. Gabe Michael says:


  10. kirby says:


  11. J Vincent says:


  12. Rocky Fasani says:


  13. bradford says:


  14. Ayako says:


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