This workout is designed to find your bodies failure with strict movements and then find a new failure with added assistance from other muscle groups.  It was painful but fun!

Workout: 5 rounds of below.


*Perform Max amount of Strict Pullups, then max amount of Band assisted pullups, then max amount of Kipping Pullups

*Once you come off the bar, your set is over.  So stay on as long as possible!


*Perform Max Dumb Bell shoulder press (strict), then max Push Press, then max Push Jerk without letting the weight drop to floor.

Front Squat:

*Perform Max reps of Front Squat with chosen weight

–Rest 2-4 minutes in-between rounds

— Add up total reps for each

Minnich: 52 Pullups, 68 Shoulder work w/ 40lbs DB’s, 35 Front squats 135lbs

Neitling: 55 Pullups, 57 Shoulder work w/ 40lbs DB’s, 40 Front squats w/ 155lbs

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