Workout 1:

5 Rounds with about 2-3 min rest in-between

Max Reps Bench Press w/ Body weight

Max Reps Strict Pull ups

*Scale as needed

* No rest between Bench and Pullups

Minnich: 10/4-11/4-8/3-8/2-4/2 (Scaled Bench to 155lbs)

Neitling: 12/7-9/5-7/4-7/4-6/5 (Scaled Bench to 155lbs)

Tilton: 10/4-10/3 (95lbs Bench) 10/3-10/3-10/3 (105lbs Bench)

Workout 2:

150 Wall Balls for time

Minnich: 8:41 w/ 15lbs Ball

Neitling: 9:13 w/ 22lbs Ball

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