treadmill test

*The railing is only for balance, not for assistance 🙂

Buy In:
Set the treadmill to 15% grade and at 7.5mph.
Run on the treadmill for an accumulated total of 5 minutes.
10 rounds of:
– 5 pushups
-7 Squats
-9 situps
Buy Out:
500 meter row

* Have one clock running for total time and another clock to start and stop as needed while on treadmill portion
* If you get off the treadmill before the 5 minutes is up, stop the clock, rest as needed and continue.
* Towards the end, the average person will only be able to stay running for 20 sec at a time.

Carey: 13:50 to complete treadmill portion and got an emergency call in the middle

Hoffer: 19:10

Neitling: 17:04

One response »

  1. 1592fitness says:

    Jones 18:54
    Paul Mc 21:06
    Red man 24:04

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