Taken from CF.com 3/23/13

For time:
20 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
30 Toes to bar
Run 400 meters

*Use appropriate weight/scaling for your ability.  Try to sprint on the run portion to get your lungs going, especially if the T2B goes slowly.

Remember to keep your abs tight during KB swings


Rest as needed, then…

10 X 10

plyo push ups on 45# bumper plate (or anything elevated a few inches off the ground).  Work on explosiveness; no time on this.


Kirby   5:15  (55# kb, knees to elbows)

Paul Mc  5:08 (70# db)

Red  5:27  (70# db)






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  1. Chris Anaya says:

    Nice work Station 5. I hate toes to bars… I need to learn how to link them together.

    Anaya: 6:37 (53lb KB)

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