This workout is designed to tax your body with heavy weight and then use whatever energy remaining, with a body weight movement.   In this case we used running on the treadmill.  Short bursts of intense exercise have been proven to increase your muscular strength and endurance much further than longer duration workouts.  The above picture shows the difference of how your body will adapt to the two different workout styles.


Complete the following cycle below for 7 rounds with a 3 minutes rest after each r0und

7 Heavy Weight Thrusters (use a weight that you won’t have to set down for the 7 reps)

30 seconds on treadmill @ 15% grade and 7.5mph

*No rest in-between thrusters and treadmill


Minnich: used 95lbs for Thruster and never stepped off on treadmill

Neitling: used 135lbs for Thruster and never stepped off treadmill

2 responses »

  1. kirby says:

    MARONE: 115LBS
    PAUL: 85LBS
    KIRBY: 115LBS

  2. kirby says:

    ps. 5C didn’t step off the treadmill

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