This workout is designed to lift a lot of weight in a short period of time, then finish it off with a quick 45 sec sprint.  The cones are not very far apart to keep your speed up to get as many reps as possible in such a short time.   Good luck!!


7 rounds with 2:30 sec rest after each round:

Max Rep Deadlift (Chose a heavy weight)

*Rest 10 sec

Max Rep Back  (chose a heavy weight)

*Rest 10 Sec

Max Rep Suicide runs (Place 2 cones 20′ apart.  Each time you touch one is considered “1 rep”


Minnich: 41 Deadlifts @ 205lbs, 26 squats @ 185lbs, 135 reps on Suicides!  Wow!

Neitling: 50 Deadlifts @ 255lbs, 42 squats @ 185lbs, 129 reps on Suicides

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