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This workout is designed to test your max 1 minute reps and then it turns into a fun workout with your crew.


1 min max Burpee

*rest 2 min.

1 min max Situps holding a 10lb plate to your chest

*rest 2 min.

1 min max Kettle Bell Swing

*rest 5 min then perform the second part:

5 rounds FOR TIME of the  numbers you achieved above


25 burpees

27 situps

32 Kettle Bell Swings


Kornwieble: 25:02 (21 Burpees, 27 situps, 30 KB swings w/ 35lbs)

Neitling: 25:58 (25 Burpees, 27 situps, 32 KB swings w/ 53lbs)

Tilton: 26:57 (20 Burpees, 27 situps, 27 KB swings w/ 35lbs)

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  1. Steve Minnich says:

    Minnich- 25:52 (21) burpee’s (41) 10lb/ anchored sit ups (31) KB’s @35lbs. After 1 restart 1 round in. Yes, Abe I started all over again just so I wouldn’t get any grief. P.S. I hate burpee’s.

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