Stella and Penny 1











100 Ab- Mat sit ups

90 Squats

80 Push ups

70 Pull ups

60 Walking Lunges

50 KB Swing

40 Box Jump

30 Clean and Jerk

20 Burpee

10 Deadlift

Kornwieble: 39:12

Neitling: 34:22

Tilton:  42:30

* We also decided to hop on the treadmill immediately after the WOD and run as long as we could at 15% grade and 7mph.  Rest 2 min and do it again.  Boy can Tilton run like the wind!!  He got 1:15 on the second attempt

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  1. Steve Minnich says:

    I wasn’t sure on the weights, so I did 65# on the clean and jerk (weak I know) and 155# on the dead lift, with a 35 lb. KB. 31:16
    Our treadmill grade does not work, so I ran 2 min. at 9.0 mph 0% and got 3 full rounds.

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