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Today at station 4 we decided to test our abilities to efficiently use our available SCBA air while performing job related tasks.  Here’s what we did in full turnouts with hood and gloves while on air:

-Walk 2 minutes on treadmill @ 7% incline 4.5 mph

– Crawl 320′ on all fours in app bay

– 60 sledge hammer hits on ground

– Walk with a 45lbs plate overhead 720′

– Drag sled 200′ with 80lbs on it

– 50 Olympic Bar tap and go (with a 45lb Oly bar, lift it up vertically and tap it on a 20″ high mark and tap it on the ground= 1 rep) This is to simulate a ceiling pull.

– 30 Med Ball lifts (lift a 20lb med ball from the ground to your shoulder)

– Treadmill at 4.5mph @ 7% incline until you run out of air. (count minutes and seconds)

*Your score is how far you make it through the course and your total time until your air runs out completely.


Korn: Made it to 27 Oly Bar tap and go’s in 13:40 min

Neitling: Made it to 20 Oly Bar Tap and go’s in 11:30 min

Tilton: Made it to 10 Ball Lifts in 15:15 min


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