Sometimes we have to travel.  Perhaps you have been sitting in class all day, or sitting at a conference, or sitting at lunch, or sitting at dinner, or sitting at the bar after dinner having a medicinal cocktail in an attempt to curtail your newly found back pain from sitting all day.  Getting a workout in can be challenging.  The “gym” at the hotel is more of a storage for broken things with emblems of something seen on an infomercial from the early ’90s.  You could run outside but the population of schizophrenics just outside your hotel tells your common sense that Cardio sucks anyways.  Time to take a week or two off?  

Don’t be silly, try this little ditty in your hotel room.  It was engineered in a highly scientifical lab in Palm Springs to combat back pain so you can have a cocktail at the bar in peace.

*For time AND in as few sets as possible, complete 200 reps of each of the following 3 movements.  Start with max reps of push ups and do the same number of reps for Roman twist (no weight, just touch both hands on each side and count every touch as a rep) and hip raises.   Continue this model until you reach 200 reps of each, so each set you will do as many push ups as possible and do the same number of Roman twists and hip raises.  

Remember to keep your door locked because nobody wants to see you doing hip raises (especially in Palm Springs, it sends the wrong message).










Paul Mc: 6 sets (50, 30, 30, 30, 30, 30) in about 15 mins 

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