Shane Cavolt










Shane Cavolt powering through the 1.5″ jump rope.



In teams of three complete each station in any order to get the fastest time

1. 1510 meter row, 1510 run, 151 situps

2. 151 rep total: Wall Balls, Kettle Bell Swing, OH walking lunge w/ 45lbs

3. 151 rep total: Shoulder Press 65lbs, Box jumps, push ups

4. 151 rep total: Pull ups, 1 arm KB high pull, Burpee

5. 151 rep total: Double unders, sit ups, 1.5″ jump rope

6. 151 rep total: Suicide runs, Air squats, jumping split squats

*** Rest for 5 min

10 rounds with 30 sec rest:

200 meter row (Nate Fuller and Spencer Parker)

Rest of academy does Suicide runs until rower has completed 200 meters

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